YouWiN! Connect Suspends Online Training: To Resume December 21st, 2017

Youwin Connect Online Training

YouWiN! Connect has suspended the ongoing online training programme which is already in its second week.

The online training programme which officially begun on Tuesday, the 5th of December 2017  and was slated to run for 30 days and end on the 4th of January 2018 has been suspended and will resume on the 21st of December, 2017.

The suspension is to enable routine maintenance to be carried out on the learning management system, especially in the area of expanding the traffic handling capacity of the site which at the moment is below what is required to handle the volume of traffic to the platform.

Participants must have noticed incessant cases of 502 or 522 Error which are both due to the heavy traffic congestion on the website. With this planned maintenance, access to the platform is expected to be smooth and reliable.

In the light of this suspension, YouWiN! Connect has already sent out messages to all participants in the ongoing training programme informing them of the development. This is to eliminate any negative speculation that might emerge over the suspension.

With this suspension of the training exercise, participants will not be able to access any of the training materials neither would they be able to take the end of session activity or end of module assessment.

Accordingly, the deadline for the YouWiN! Connect online training exercise will be shifted by one week to maintain the 30-day training duration.

What you should do while waiting

While waiting for the resumption of the training, participants are advised to download and watch all the videos tutorials so as to be effectively prepared for the assessment.

You might also want to work on your business plan as well as review some of the learning materials available on the YouWiN! Connect website.

Don’t Join in the malpractice

It has been noticed that some participants in the ongoing YouWiN! Connect online training are taking undue advantage of the answers given at the end of the assessment test as well as the fact that all the module assessment questions are the same for all the participants.

Some participants have been discovered to have hired people who have attained the perfect score of 600 points to attempt their assessment for them.

If you are involved in this or are contemplating being part of this malpractice, it is strongly advised that you desist from the practice as YouWiN! Connect through certain means which will not be disclosed here is tracking those involved in the malpractice and will penalize them accordingly.

This break gives you enough time to prepare for the remaining part of the training. So, please apply yourself very effectively and don’t ruin your chances of being selected for the next round by indulging in any form of malpractices.

Good luck as you wait for the resumption of the training.

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