YouWiN Connect Stage 2 Online Training: Don’t Be Deceived

Youwin Connect Award

It has become very obvious that a lot of unscrupulous Nigerians have taken advantage of the seemingly long silence of YouWiN Connect over the scheduled Training Programme to defraud so many unsuspecting Nigerians, under the guise of being staff of YouWiN Connect. This has to a very large extent been abated by the fact that the YouWiN Connect official contact numbers are almost always not available.

These miscreants go about deceiving innocent young Nigerians especially those that have been shortlisted for the second stage of the programme that they can get them to be shortlisted for the grant award. Some even go as far as convincing even those that were not shortlisted for the second stage that they had the capacity to ensure that these non-shortlisted ones take part in the second stage of the exercise.

All Nigerian entrepreneurs, especially those who have started becoming apprehensive over the delay in the commencement of the online training programme, should understand that such apprehension is capable of increasing their vulnerability to the antiques of these fraudsters.

All those that made the list for the second stage of the YouWiN Connect Programme should remain calm as the programme is set to proceed as scheduled.

It could be recalled that apart from the initial message congratulating all the shortlisted candidates on their success through the first round, YouWiN Connect sent out another email to all the shortlisted candidates urging to always be on the lookout for messages from YouWiN Connect that will inform them on the training programme schedule as well as other relevant details.

This was designed to ensure that these candidates for the second round are kept in the loop and are not left to the false speculations of mischief makers.

This notwithstanding, some Nigerians have still had their way, defrauding a number of Nigerians through false promises.

All Nigerian youths, both those shortlisted for the second stage of the YouWiN Connect Programme as well as those not shortlisted should henceforth disregard any promises made by anyone to ensure that they make the final list of the awardees. There is no single individual, not even staff of YouWiN that can make that possible. Assessment and evaluation processes employed by YouWiN Connect are of the highest level of transparency, totally devoid of all forms of manipulation.

Besides, the YouWiN Programme for now is largely entrepreneurship education. Not much has been said about grants and other financial assistance to successful businesses, which is the major reason most Nigerians are falling prey to these fraudsters.

Therefore, as you wait patiently for the second stage of the programme which is the online training exercise, it should be an opportunity for you to carry out more research about your business as this will to a very large extent determine your performance in the second stage of the YouWiN Connect Programme.

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Once again, good luck to all those shortlisted for the second round of YouWiN Connect Programme 2017.

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