YouWiN! Connect Online Capacity Building Programme

By now, all participants in the ongoing YouWiN! Connect Online Capacity Building Programme should have received an email informing them of the decision of the Programme Implementation Unit of the YouWiN! Connect Programme to totally restructure the ongoing YouWiN! Connect Online Capacity Building Programme.

By this restructuring, all participants in the training programme are to retake all the end of module assessment tests. This explains the reduction in the CD points observed on the dashboard.

The message from YouWiN! Connect reads thus:

“Dear ‘participant name’

It has come to the attention of YouWiN! Connect that some participants of the online capacity building programme are putting the integrity of the programme at risk by fraudulently responding to assessment question.

Fraudulent participants have created groups on Whatsapp and Facebook where they post screenshots of completed end-of-module assessment for others to copy and score the maximum points of 600. They have gone as far as publishing the answers in books and appending the YouWiN! Connect logo on the publication.

This type of activity defeats the purpose of the online training, as these participants are now focused on scoring the maximum points at the end of module assessment without learning from the content provided.

The programme has taken measures to forestall these fraudulent activities by restructuring and resetting the assessment modules.

Other measures taken include,

  • Identifying and flagging fraudulent accounts on the platform.
  • Resetting the assessment module. This means that ALL participants are required to retake their assessment for each module, hence, the CD points deduction.
  • Any participant caught engaging in fraudulent activities will be removed from the program.

Lastly, the YouWiN! Connect program has not appointed any applicant or agent to act on its behalf in the delivery of online training or other programme components. Anyone posing as an applicant whether successful or not with the purpose of defrauding innocent persons by offering additional training or other services is acting independently and does not represent YouWiN!! Connect and we advise you to report them to the program.”

This restructure is coming on the heels of petition filed to the Programme Implementation Unit of the YouWiN! Connect Programme by different observer groups who discovered the fraudulent activities that was going on in the YouWiN! Connect online capacity building program. These good spirited Nigerians noticed that the fraud was putting the diligent and sincere participants at a serious disadvantage and had to notify YouWiN!! Connect to wade into the situation.

It is very heartwarming that this fraud has been addressed quite promptly. This is an eloquent testimony to the transparency of the YouWiN! Connect online capacity building programme.

Already, most of those that were disadvantaged are jubilating as this restructuring has suddenly given them hope of progressing to the next round of the programme.

All participants should therefore desist from all acts of malpractice as they take part in the training. This way, the purpose of the capacity building programme will be fulfilled.

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Good luck as you continue in the program.

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