Wasn’t Shortlisted for YouWIN! Connect Masterclass? Do this.

YouWiN! Connect Online Training Programme

A lot of Nigerian youths are very sad that they weren’t able to make it to the shortlist of successful candidates who have made it to the master class which is the second stage of the YouWIN! Connect capacity building program.

Some have even gone as far as labeling the program as fraud simply because they have not been shortlisted. Many youths have formed Facebook and WhatsApp groups to challenge the assessment criteria that excluded them from the masterclass shortlist.

On the surface, the reason for this outcry seems justifiable especially when some participants realize that those who scored ‘lower’ than them in the aggregate score have been shortlisted while they are excluded.

However, a few things must be brought into perspective.

First, it was clearly stated on the dashboard of the learning management system that the final performance will be communicated to participants after the completion of the online training program.

Hence, the fact that one pulled a high score in the assessment didn’t necessarily translate into qualification for the next stage.

Also, a lot of participants were misguided by some unscrupulous elements not to give appropriate attention to the activities as according to them, the activities didn’t matter. Unfortunately, it did matter and saw a lot of people miss their opportunity.

Furthermore, some participants hired mercenaries to help them fix the assessments as well as the activities so they could accumulate very high scores. Unfortunately, these mercenaries who are also working for others used the same answers for all their clients. When the anti-plagiarism software was introduced, so many participants got kicked in the butt.

As a participant, you should know that the process was a very competitive one. Over 60,000 young people participated in the training exercise, out of which only 5,000 can make it to the next stage, meaning that at least 45,000 participants would have to receive the “better luck next time” notification.

Therefore, if you’re among those who received this regret notice, there’s actually no need forming pressure groups to challenge the assessment criteria. Use that energy for something that will build you up as an entrepreneur.

What you should rather do is to roll up your sleeves for more work, more engagement and more self development. Focus on preparing a business plan that could help you approach Development Finance Institutions for funding. After all, even those that are to be given the masterclass training are being prepared to be able to approach Development Finance Institutions for funding.

Besides, there are a number of opportunities for entrepreneurs out there. For instance, application for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program is still on. Why not consider applying for that. Who knows, that could be your opportunity to nail $10,000 in funding for your business.

A successful entrepreneur is one that pushes on no matter the impediments. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, move on and explore other opportunities.

Hope this helps. If it does, please share with your friends and social media network. If it doesn’t, let’s know in the comments section or shoot an email to info@entrepreneurssquare.com or WhatsApp +2348163052034.

Good luck!

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