Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship

It’s 27 days to the deadline for all candidates to submit their applications for the 2017 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme. So far, we have over 41,000 applicants that have submitted their applications.

If you have submitted your application, then, good luck to you. If you haven’t, then here are some important points to note as you package your application.

  • TEEP is for serious entrepreneurs who are either in business or have innovative business ideas that can transform the African continent. So, don’t ever entertain thoughts that you would be disadvantaged if you don’t have an existing business. A bulk of last year’s winners had nothing but business idea.
  • TEEP is not looking out for magicians, so do not put up financial figures that are ridiculously beyond the realms of possibility. Remember that the panel of judges comprises very seasoned and experienced entrepreneurs. Keep it real. Any attempt to inflate figures just to show how lucrative your idea is, might pass an ugly message that you did not carry out enough research about the business and of course could send your application to an early grave in the receptacles.
  • Your elevator pitch must be the most captivating part of your application. The judges almost always make their conclusions based on this. That is not to say that other parts of the application should not be well packaged. The emphasis here is that the elevator pitch is like the executive summary. Use it to nail your application to the shortlist.
  • Get your financials as accurate as possible. Give realistic lead times. Let your breakeven volume match invested amounts. Ensure that expenditures are exaggerated while the incomes are underestimated using worst case scenarios.
  • Don’t forget that only 1,000 entrepreneurs will be selected based on the viability of their idea, including: market opportunity; financial understanding; scalability; and leadership and entrepreneurial skills demonstrated in the application.
  • Don’t simplify the work of the judges by submitting multiple applications. Applications baring the same name, phone number and date of birth of promoter are headed for the receptacles. Instead of expending energy on multiple applications, focus on and deliver one well packaged and excellently captivating entry and you’ll be glad you did so.
  • Please note that even for existing businesses, you don’t need to upload any business registration documents or proof of identity such as an scanned copy of your identity card at this stage. Such documented will be required from you if you’re successful. That is, if you make the shortlist.
  • Please always contact support or use the Forum on your application dashboard for all your questions and enquiries. Never contact any third party as TEEP will not be held responsible for any misdirection given by a third party. Consult the provided useful resources on your dashboard. They might answer some of your questions.
  • Note that TEEP will only communicate with you through the email you used during registration. Ignore all messages claiming to be from TEEP that are not through this channel.
  • Application for the TEEP programme is free and the shortlist is done in a very transparent and detribalized process. Therefore ignore anyone parading himself as working for TEEP who promises to ensure that you make the shortlist in exchange for a fee. They are all scammers!
  • if you’re sure that you clicked the SUBMIT button and got an email from TEEP confirming that your application has been received, then ignore any message asking you to complete your application.
  • Don’t forget that the deadline for submission of all applications is March 1, 2017 at 11:59PM West African Time.
  • Finally, note that only applications submitted on the portal will be accepted. all other formats of submission will not be entertained. Don’t forget to hit the SUBMIT button to send your application to TEEP.

These helpful tips in addition to those mentioned in an earlier post TEEP 2017: How to get shortlisted! are sufficient to guide you through the application process.

As always, in case you have any challenge during the application process, Read the FAQs or please contact support or lodge your complaints on the Forum which you can locate on the left side of your dashboard and you’re sure to get assistance.

For more information, please shoot an email to or SMS or WhatsApp, Telegram or WeChat to +2348163052034.

Good Luck as you apply!

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