TEF2019 Shortlist: Wondering Why You Didn’t Make the List?

TEF2019 Shortlist

A number of applicants to the TEF2019 are still worried about why they couldn’t make the TEF2019 Shortlist.

Some have even taken to the social media to query the Tony Elumelu Foundation for not replying them individually on the reason why their applications weren’t successful.

If you followed the TEFSelection ceremony, you would have learnt about the very thorough assessment process. This would make you understand why it would be extremely difficult to get back to every applicant on why their applications weren’t accepted.

First, there are tons of reasons why an application might not be selected. Detailing these for each of the over 213,000 unsuccessful applications will definitely be terribly cumbersome.

Again, most of the applications are assessed more than once, that’s essentially by more than one person. Each of these assessors might have different reasons in line with stated assessment criteria for scoring the application low.

Putting all these together in form of an email for each of the over 213,000 unsuccessful candidates you’ll agree with me would be ridiculously time consuming and resource (especially money) intensive.

Also, Accenture had roughly about 15 days to screen over 216,000 applications and announce the top 1,000 or as in the case of TEF2019, 3049 entrepreneurs on TEF2019 Shortlist.

Over burdening the assessors with the task of also detailing why each unsuccessful application was rejected would definitely affect their focus and introduce fatigue which might compromise their sense of judgement.

Equally, Accenture cannot afford to hire too many hands, otherwise, the quality and degree of thoroughness of the assessment might have wide variances. This might negatively affect the genuineness of the results.

So, considering the time constraints, the volume of applications, the possibility of having various reasons for scoring applications low as well as the restriction on the number of assessors that can be hired, it would be very very difficult to get back to each unsuccessful candidate on why his/her application didn’t make the TEF2019 Shortlist.

That’s also why the most prominent accelerators in the world that receive even less number of applications don’t give individual details on why applications weren’t successful.

If you weren’t shortlisted this year, then start now to prepare for 2020. If you know anyone who has been shortlisted, kindly seek mentoring from him/her. Ask them to guide you on how to prepare a successful application.

Ensure you stay connected to TEF Connect so that you can learn about other business funding opportunities available to African entrepreneurs.

Hope this helps.

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