TEF 2020 Application Now Closes March 31: Guidelines for Application

TEF 2020 Become a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur

The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme TEF 2020 application is now to close on the 31st of March 2020.

The TEF 2020 programme for is divided into three stages.

Stage 1: General application open to all young people across all 54 countries of Africa. Application for this stage closes March 31, 2020.

Stage 2: 12-week online business training. This is open only to those who scale through the application stage. Notification on whether or not you have qualified for the online training would be sent to your email within 24 hours of application.

Stage 3: Pitching competition. Based on performance in the training, candidates will be selected to proceed to the pitching competition where they appear before a panel of judges to defend their business ideas.

Candidates successful in the pitching competition will be awarded the 2020 TEF seed capital.

TEF 2020 Application Guidelines

The application form for the Tony Elumelu Foundation 2020 application is divided into sections detailed below:

Download the Tony Elumelu Foundation 2020 application form here.

Please note that this form is just for study purpose. All applications must be made online at www.tefconnect.com

Section 1 page 1 comprises questions about yourself.

Full name, gender, date of birth, country, residential address, phone number, email, next of kin details, social media handles, educational qualification, work experience (any experience), your skill set, previous grant application, Official ID, Official ID upload., your personal picture and how you heard about the TEF programme.

Section 1 page 2 comprises questions about your business

Years of experience in any business at all. Do you have a business name? What is your business name? Is your business registered? Business location, which industry is your business in? What impact does or would your business have in 100 words?

SDGs your business supports, relevance of your experience to your business. Years of experience you have in your business field. Time commitment to your business. Working with a team? Number in your team. Are you making revenue from your business? How much are you making? Description of startup idea or customer problem you set out to solve. 50 words min. 500 words max. Do you have a mentor? Mentor contact details.

Section 2 comprises questions that are designed to examine whether you have the qualities and attitudes required of an entrepreneur. Answer these questions as honestly as possible.

Section 3 comprises some basic business questions to understand how much you know about running a business and what starting a business requires.

Section comprises questions 88 to 102 business and commercial questions

Questions 103 to 116 are basic declarations to determine your commitment and eligibility for the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme.

You have only 60 minutes to complete the application once you start. therefore, it is highly recommended that all your responses be typed out on a word document and copied to the relevant section of the online form once application starts.

Good luck as you apply.

For any enquiries, whatsapp +2348163052034

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