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In the post, the Ultimate Guide to Investing in MMM United, I took you through the step by step process of creating a bitcoin wallet and also funding your bitcoin wallet through vendors like Bit2PM, Naira4Dollar etc. In case you have not read that post, please read it Here.

Today we want to take a detailed look at how to secure your bitcoin wallet to ensure no unauthorized access. It is important to mention that this is the most important precaution you must take when investing in MMM United. Indeed, if some bad guy has access to your bitcoin wallet, he could empty your reserve. You don’t want that to happen. Do you?

So, having realized how essential it is to secure your bitcoin wallet, let’s now delve right into the process.

First step, log into your bitcoin wallet using your login credentials: those are your Bitcoin wallet ID and your password. By now, I believe you should know how to log into your bitcoin wallet. Upon Login, you should be taken to this screen.

Bitcoin Wallet Home Look towards the left side of your Bitcoin account dashboard (the area marked)

Click on security and you should be shown the various security tools you should use. See below

Bitcoin Wallet Security ToolsAs you can clearly see written there, a verification email has been sent to the email account you used to create the Bitcoin wallet. Check your email inbox and spam folders, you should receive a verification message such as this.

Bitcoin Wallet Verification EmailIn case for some reason you don’t, then click on the resend verification email link. When you eventually get the message and click to verify, go back to your bitcoin wallet and you should see that it has automatically marked your email as verified. See below.

Bitcoin Wallet Email VerifiedNext, click on Back up Phrase. It will ask for your login password. Enter the same password you used when creating the wallet. On the next pop-up, click on ‘Next Step’. A group of four words appear. For security reasons, this is not shown here. You either copy out these words and safekeep them or better still, take a screenshot of the string of words. This is important because in case you forget your password in future, you will be asked to provide these words. This is the first four words.

Click on Next  and the next string of four words appear. Take a screenshot of these too. Click on Next and do the same to the last four words.

Click on ‘Final Step’ and then you will be required to enter a few of the words that you saved as screenshots. Enter them correctly and click to complete.

Next, create a password hint. That is something that would remind you of your password in case you’ve forgotten.

Bitcoin Wallet Password HIntEnter your password hint and hit save.

Next, enter your mobile phone number. Remember that this must be a phone that use always have access to. This is because each time you log into your account, you will be sent an SMS on this number to ensure that you’re actually the one logging in.

Bitcoin Wallet SMS VerificationOnce you’ve entered your phone number, hit save. A verification code will be sent to that Mobile number. Enter the verification code as shown and click verify.

Next, click to enable two-step verification. With this enabled, anytime you wish to access your wallet, a message will be sent to your email so you can authorize the log in. additionally, an SMS code will be sent to the phone number you just verified and you’ll need to enter this SMS code before logging in successfully. When you click on the enable two-step verification, a pop-up appears as shown below

Bitcoin Wallet two step verificationClick on the small circle that is marked with red ink. You will be shown a mobile phone option of verification. Click on the mobile phone and thereafter, close the pop-up

The next on the lineup is to Block Tor Request. This is to ensure that web crawlers and robots don’t have access to your account information.

Bitcoin Wallet: block Tor RequestClick on the Block Tor Request button and thereafter click block.

Viola, your Bitcoin wallet now has bulletproof security.

Bitcoin Wallet SecuredAs seen above, the colour at the security centre should turn green. If for any reason, it doesn’t then it means that there are some steps that you missed out.

Note however that you should never give out you login information and you mobile device to people. Those are actually all they need to bring you to your knees.

Hope this post helps you secure and manage your Bitcoin wallet

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As always, in case you run into any difficulty in the process, please shoot an email to and I will be more than ready to help out.

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Good Luck!

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