MTN Fintech Startup Weekend

MTN Fintech Startup Weekend

MTN Fintech Startup Weekend is the place to find a team, create a prototype, validate a big idea and receive feedback from customers and experienced mentors. In just 54 hours, you’ll learn how to create products and services that customers actually want.

Who Should Sign Up for the MTN Fintech Startup Weekend

Whoever you are, if you’re motivated, open to new ideas and collaboration, you’ll fit right in. Startup Weekends bring together all types of people including designers, developers, creatives, business people, financial gurus and more. The Weekend requires radical collaboration, exploring multiple alternatives and trying out new things. Participants sign up to work with people with different skills, perspectives, backgrounds and points of view. We have a 100% opt-in culture for 54 hours of intense hard work.

What Is The Focus of the MTN Fintech Startup Weekend?

The Solution Space Fintech Startup Weekend in partnership with MTN Group is focussed on solving problems that matter. We’ve created a handful of How Might We questions (see below) to kickstart the weekend, and are of course open to other Fintech-based ideas.

How might we create cashless experiences for FMCG companies and informal traders?

The bulk of the informal trader or spaza market is cash based. This presents a serious problem for deliveries by the FMCG companies as delivery trucks collect significant cash at all drop-offs. The payment is only calculated on delivery due to order finalisation, a collection of crates and empties and returns. So prepayment is not possible. How might cashless solutions for FMCG companies and informal traders solve key challenges such as safety, high costs for cash deposit fees and time is taken to manually count cash?

How might other services benefit from payments through inference?

Uber has demonstrated how a payment can be made seamless and handled as a consequence of a user’s intent to request a primary service. This was achieved by using the telemetry and real-time data collected to infer that the service was requested and delivered. How might other services benefit from this user-friendly, seamless means of payment?

How might we gain trust from unbanked savers utilizing digital solutions?

There are a number of initiatives aimed at digitising Stokvels or Matontines. It’s yet to be seen whether any of these address one of the primary reasons that stokvels exist; mistrust in formalised banking. Dapps (distributed applications) provide a mechanism to create a peer-to-peer financial system. How might we gain the trust of this user segment with a digital solution?


Friday, 17 August 16h30 – 21h00

On Friday night, you’ll pitch your own idea and/or listen to others. Everyone then votes on the most interesting ideas and form teams. It’s not required that you pitch an idea but it’s highly recommended. Half the fun of Startup Weekend is getting out of your comfort zone and doing something that makes you a little bit nervous.

Saturday, 18 August 09h30 – 22h00

On Saturday, you’ll work with top mentors and coaches to refine your idea and get customer feedback. Don’t freak out when all your ideas go out the window and you’re forced to pivot. That’s what a real startup is like.

Sunday, 19 August 09h30 – 16h30

On Sunday, you’ll learn how to create a great pitch. It all comes together when you and your team present your work to a panel of judges.

Benefits of Participating in the MTN Fintech Startup Weekend?

  • Get introduced to the world of startups and entrepreneurship
  • Learn the process for going from concept to creation
  • Meet experienced, talented, and passionate entrepreneurs including mentors from MTN, Rise, Nona, Silicon Cape, Vega, Lean Iterator, J. Walter Thompson, AIFMRM
  • Build a new network of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs – who could be your next co-founder, friend, mentor or even investor
  • Get one-on-one time with amazing mentors
  • Receive special benefits and discounts from our ecosystem partners
  • Enjoy great meals along with unlimited snacks and coffee
  • Further support from the Solution Space and MTN Group through access to mentorship, co-working space and participation in masterclasses and clinics.


If you are a student or the cost of transport is a barrier please get in touch with Gcobisa Maqanda on +27 (0)21 406 1430 or

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