Youwin Connect Award

Following the post I made on the step-by-step approach to applying for the YouWiN Connect, I got loads of messages from prospective applicants especially those who do not have existing businesses. Most of them complained about not being able to go beyond the second page on the application portal.

If you have the same problem, here is what to do in order to be able to get to the rest of the pages in the application process.

On the page where you are asked to choose whether you have a business or not, by default, the option there is NO. Many people don’t remember to click on that button since the default option agrees to the fact that they don’t have a business. Hence, they cannot move beyond that page when they click on the SAVE AND CONTINUE button at the bottom of the page.

What you should do is to click on the NO button. You will see a drop-down menu with YES and NO buttons. The first button in the drop-down is YES, the second is NO. Please click on the second button which is NO. With this, you should be able to move to the next page when you click on the SAVE AND CONTINUE button.

I hope this helps you overcome the challenge of not being able to complete your application because you do not have an existing business.

The Federal Government YouWiN Connect programme is for both existing and non-existing businesses (ideas) pioneered by entrepreneurs across Nigeria.

However, it is important to note that what will make your business stand out is the disruptive innovations you introduce into your business to ensure you are ahead of the competition.

Keep in mind that tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of Nigerians are applying for the same programme. Therefore, your application must be a step ahead of others in your industry by being very innovative, technology driven and captivating.

Don’t forget that viability and relevance of the business idea to Nigeria’s economic situation is also critical in determining your success or otherwise of your application.

Wish you good luck as you apply.

As always, in case you have any difficulty applying for the YouWiN Connect programme or need any form of support getting through the application process, please send an email to info@entrepreneurssquare.com or WhatsApp +2348163052034.

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