Having Challenges Accessing the YouWiN Connect Online Training Portal? Here’s What to do

Challenges Accessing Youwin Connect Online Training Portal

In case you’re having challenges in accessing the YouWiN Connect Online Training portal, you are not the only person having this challenge.

There are a lot of other people that are facing the same challenge, most especially those that don’t have access to good internet connectivity.

If you’re facing this challenge, here is what to do

Note first of all, that the challenge with accessing the page is connected with the huge web traffic to the Learning portal.

Even with the cloud flare content delivery network used with the site which is designed to reduce the server resources consumed at the host end, the site is still congested.

Therefore, try this:

Ensure that you have Good Internet Connectivity

In order to be able to stream the multimedia content on the online learning portal, you should have a good internet connectivity. Etisalat/9Mobile, MTN and in some cases Airtel are the networks you should consider using for this purpose.

If you have broadband access, most especially a 4G/LTE data network from providers like Spectranet, Mainone, Swift etc. then you’re good to go.

If you have a cyber café close by, that has good internet connectivity, you might want to visit the café and put in at least two hours a day on the training.

Please endeavor to go there with your earpiece so you can listen very attentively to the video. That’s considering how noisy the cyber café can be.

Use a Desktop or Laptop Computer if Possible

Apart from having a strong internet connection, if you have access to a desktop or laptop computer, it might be advisable for you to use it.

This is because, although the site is responsive, which means, it is visible across all devices, those accessing it using devices with higher processing speed are more likely to get through than those with low speed mobile devices.

If you don’t have access to any other device apart from your phone, please ensure than you close all other applications running in the background as well as other tabs on your browser. That will conserve your RAM and enable you access the site much better.

Attend the Class Especially at Night

During the day time, a lot of people try to access the site, leading to high congestion even for those with good internet connectivity.

Planning your schedule so that you can participate in the lesson during the late hours of the day might be necessary in order to access the site more conveniently.

During the latter part of the night, say 10 or 11pm, most of the folks would have logged out, making the online learning portal less congested.

Besides, at night, data services for most network operators are at best as the data networks are less congested. Accessing the portal at that time comes with a higher probability of success.

In all, please try to put in at least two hours every day so that you can meet up with the training deadlines.

Form Clusters and Learn Together

Working alone, it might be difficult to afford good internet services and a laptop which are highly recommended for better experience on the learning platform.

However, if you can meet up with your friends who are also part of the training programme, you could contribute resources to acquire some of the items needed to make this training a pleasurable experience.

Besides, members of such a team can share ideas, discuss together and motivate one another in a mutually beneficial way.

Remember for YouWiN Connect, dem nor dey carry first. So, helping another person to succeed doesn’t reduce your chances of being shortlisted for the second stage.

I hope this strategy will help you to be able to enjoy the YouWiN Connect Online Training programme even better.

Entrepreneurs’ Square will endeavour to make a transcript of the videos available for those who cannot stream the videos from the Learning Management System.

Keep on visiting www.entrepreneurssquare.com for these transcripts once they are available as well as for further updates concerning the YouWiN Connect Online Training Programme.

Good luck as you participate in this online training programme.

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