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Meet Adewumi Adeshina: An African Entrepreneur Disrupting Africa’s E-commerce Industry Through One Kiosk

Adewumi Adeshina of One Kiosk Disrupting Africa's E-commerce
With the demise of many large e-commerce businesses in Africa, the future of e-commerce looks bleak. However, that narrative is soon to change as an African entrepreneur, Adewumi Adesina has developed a solution, a startup called One Kiosk Africa that addresses the logistic challenge which has seen many e-commerce business meet an early grave. Adewumi Adeshina believes One Kiosk Africa's...

How to Write a Business Plan Fast and Easy

How to Write A Business Plan TEF Connect
Are you thinking about how to write a business plan for your next project? Are you worried because you don’t have so much money to hire a consultant to write a business plan for you? Are you wondering what the various components of a standard business plan are? The good news is that the days when writing a business plan...

Texchange 2020 Healthcare Innovation Program: Apply Now!

This is calling for applications from healthtech startups in India, Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria to participate in an exciting network-wide programme ‘TeXchange 2020: Healthcare Innovation’, which will bring tech leaders together to exchange ideas, share learnings, and gain exposure to the UK market. A focus on healthcare Since 2013, TeXchange, the flagship programme of the UK-Israel Tech Hub, has exposed...

Chukwunonso Osakwe: An Entrepreneur Leading Africa’s Electric Car Revolution

Chukwunonso Osakwe of Quadcycle Automobile Receiving an Innovation in Electric Car Manufacture
While Tesla Motors is leading the electric car revolution in the Western World, a Nigerian entrepreneur, Chukwunonso Osakwe is also leading an electric car revolution in Sub-saharan Africa. Through his company, Quadcycle Automobile, Osakwe aims to popularize electric vehicles in Africa and reduce not just the carbon footprint due to fossil fuel consumption by gasoline automobiles in Nigeria, but also...

Africa Power Access Accelerator 3Q19: Apply Now!

Africa Power Access Accelerator
The Africa Power Access Accelerator program provides technical assistance, financing and project development support. Background Improved access to modern energy services is one of the fastest ways to drive socio-economic development and poverty alleviation. In many markets, electrification has largely been the domain of governments, but the rise of affordable, clean distributed generation technologies is opening new opportunities for the private sector...

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