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How Do We Attract More Young People Into Agriculture in Africa?

Agriculture in Africa
The question of how to attract more and more young people into Agriculture in Africa is becoming even more pertinent by the day. This is because there is an obvious deficit in the population of young people actively engaged in agriculture in Africa today. The African Development Bank (AfDB) reports that the average age of a smallholder farmer in Africa is...

Making Investments for the Future: How best to go about it part 2

Making Investments for the Future: How to go about it
Continued from part 1 of Making Investments for the Future: How best to go about it Eurobonds Eurobonds are internationally traded debt instruments denominated in currencies other than the currency of the country where it is issued. For instance, the federal government of Nigeria seeking to raise US$2 billion can post eurobonds in the UK. Since it is an international instrument,...

Investing for the Future: How best to go about it

Investing for the Future: How to go about it
Investing for the Future: How well to go about it Do you have some disposable income and are confused about what to do with it? Do you have some decent savings which you intend to invest? Did you just receive payment for a contract executed and you’re looking to invest the money? Then, hear this: There are a number of investment options out there,...

Afric’Up Pitch Challenge for African Entrepreneurs: Apply Now!

Afric'Up Pitch Challenge for African Entrepreneurs
This is announcing the Afric'Up Pitch Challenge for African Entrepreneurs. Are you a startup owner? Do you want to attract new investors? Do you need funding to grow your project? We offer you an experience for training and preparing you to pitch before a jury in our event. The jury will be composed of one or more investment funds that are engaged in...

TEF-UNDP Youth Entrepreneurship Programme Application Ends Tomorrow

TEF-UNDP Youth Entrepreneurship Programme
This is announcing that the TEF-UNDP Youth Entrepreneurship Programme application ends tomorrow, August 20, 2019 at 23:59 West African Time. If you're living in or doing business in any of the 19 Northern states of Nigeria, and you have an innovative business idea in need of funding, then hurry now and apply for the Tony Elumelu Foundation-UNDP Sahel Youth Entrepreneurship Programme.   What...

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