For the smart minds, the best way of surviving the current economic recession (characterized by falling incomes, rising expenditures and depreciating currencies) and emerging strong is by investing in assets that are not likely to depreciate, but appreciate over time. It is in this regard that Bitcoin lends itself readily to application. Bitcoin Mining has suddenly become about the most profitable business which even the common man can participate in and make great wealth.

Why so?

Keen observers will agree that the value of Bitcoin has increased tremendously over the past couple of months. From about $680 per Bitcoin in October 2016 to over $1000/BTC in December 2016, that’s over $300 increase in just two months. Very few items have witnessed such meteoric increase in value.

An example to demonstrate what this increase means in real terms goes thus:

In October last year when 1BTC exchanged for about $680, with Bit2pm selling at N505 per dollar worth of Bitcoin, 1BTC went for about N344,000. So, with a little above N1million, a friend of mine was able to buy about 3 Bitcoins. He invested the 3BTC in a Bitcoin mining company that pays out 0.15% of the invested sum per hour, which translates to 108% of the invested sum in one month.

By mid-November, he got paid an interest of 3BTC. This he reinvested making a total of 6BTC in investment sum. By mid-December, he got paid about 6BTC with 6BTC still left as principal. He invested the total sum of 12BTC and is expecting a profit of about 13BTC this month, making his total worth about 25BTC.

That’s three months of investing about N1million in BTC Mining. He has made a profit of 22BTC. Now, considering the current exchange rate (which might increase at the time of payout) of $1023/BTC or worse still, if we peg the exchange at $1000/BTC, my friend will be making a profit of $22,000. This at the current exchange rate of N510 per dollar worth of Bitcoin translates into 22,000×510= N11.2million.

If he decides to reinvest, his profits are likely to skyrocket. If these numbers (though reflecting an ideal situation) don’t whip up your attention to the world of crypto-currency, then, you might as well not be considered an entrepreneur.

The exciting thing about this Bitcoin mining is that you only need to buy mining contracts from Bitcoin miners. That is just like buying shares in a currency printing house. This way, you get a share of whatever volume of currency is produced.

Bitcoin mining is not a Ponzi scheme. It is not a pyramid networking progrmme, though you can earn by referring people to these Bitcoin mining companies. It is just a way of rewarding you for introducing the company to others and not that your earnings are dependent on the number of people you refer.

Bitcoin mining is the real conventional investment in which you buy mining contracts (production shares) and earn from the yield due to the contract.

Interestingly, you can start with as low as 0.01BTC which translates into $10.23 or N5,320. That’s why this highly profitable business is accessible to people who don’t have so much.

Also, you keep earning until Bitcoin mining becomes unprofitable, which is not likely over the next few decades.

You want to start building assets in strong currencies, even stronger than the United States Dollar? You want to start investing in Bitcoin Mining? You first of all need to create and secure your Bitcoin wallet. This wallet is just like your bank account. It is from this wallet that you will be able to make investments and be paid you interests.

Don’t know how to create and secure your Bitcoin Wallet yet? Read this post and it would guide you through the process of creating and securing a Bitcoin Wallet on Blockchain, the world’s most popular wallet.

After creating your bitcoin wallet, you need to fund your Bitcoin wallet. Here’s how to do that.

Visit a Bitcoin vendor’s website or a re-seller. Some re-sellers offer better deals than some established vendors. However, the likelihood of falling prey for scammers is higher when dealing with re-sellers. So, whichever you choose, be sure not to fall prey to fraudsters.

I recommend the following Bitcoin vendors who I have personally worked with over time.




In case you’re interested in purchasing from a trusted re-seller, then send an SMS or WhatsApp chat to +2348163052034 and you will be directed accordingly.

Upon visiting the vendors’ website, you will be directed on how to go about purchasing Bitcoin from them. You can also read this post on How to Buy Bitcoins from Naira4Dollar.

During the purchase, you will be asked to provide the address of the Bitcoin wallet that you created earlier. Your purchased Bitcoin will be sent to your wallet through this address, so be sure to copy your wallet directly from your blockchain so you don’t make mistakes, otherwise your money will be lost irredeemably.

Thereafter, head over to any of the following trusted Bitcoin mining companies and create an account.

Genesis Mining (don’t forget to use this promotional code to enjoy amazing discounts: SW6vap)


Once you have created an account with any of these mining companies, you will be required to provide some information including your Bitcoin wallet address. Again, this must be copied from your Blockchain account and pasted directly onto your miner account to avoid any mistake as this address will be used whenever you request for your payouts.

Done with providing your account information, you will be presented with Bitcoin Mining contracts to choose from. For most of the mining companies mentioned above, 0.01BTC is the minimum price for mining contracts.

Purchase contracts based on how much you have in your wallet. You can start with contracts worth 0.01BTC. Thereafter, you will be shown a Bitcoin wallet to which to send your invested sum to. Sending Bitcoin is as easy as pie. Just follow the directions given in my other post on how to use a bitcoin wallet.

You might have to wait for a while for your Bitcoin transfer to be confirmed. Viola, you have successfully purchased a Bitcoin Mining contract. Thereafter, refresh your account and you will begin to see your investment yield hourly interests.

At the end of a month or depending on the payout terms of the miner, you have the option of either withdrawing your money or reinvesting it.

If you choose to reinvest your earnings, the interest would be compounded and you earn even more.

It’s that simple to become a Bitcoin miner and take advantage of the fast growing Bitcoin ecosystem.

Don’t be left out!

Let your money work for you!

Invest in Bitcoin Mining now!

As always, if you need further guidance or more clarification, please shoot an email to or SMS or WhatsApp chat to +2348163052034

Good Luck!

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