Are you searching for a bitcoin calculator? Compatible software that will help you to easily calculate how much your bitcoin is worth in Naira, dollar or other world currencies?

Do you need to know how much you should pay to get a certain amount of Bitcoin?

Then, you’re at the right place, because there is a bitcoins-calculator, a software here that can help you do all of that without any hassles.

You don’t need to do terrible calculations to get the right amount you should pay to a vendor to get the amount of Bitcoin you want.

The Bitcoin Calculator software is here for you to download totally for Freeee

To use this software, your device must be able to read Microsoft Excel document.

The Bitcoin calculator is based on Microsoft Excel.

Download the Bitcoin Calculator Now for Freee!

This is what the calculator looks like when you open it on your device.

Bitcoin Calculator Software On the top left side of the Calculator, you can click on “Here” to determine live value of Bitcoin. That is, how Bitcoin exchanges for the dollar and other world currencies.

Bitcoin Calculator Software Live valuesAlternatively, you can see the Live Bitcoin Value Here.

How to find out how much in Naira you are to pay for a certain amount of Bitcoin

Let’s say you want to buy 1 Bitcoin. First of all, open the calculator and click on the “Here” on the top left side of the calculator.

This gives you the live value of Bitcoin against the Dollar.

Next, inquire from your Bitcoin reseller or vendor how much he sells 1 dollar worth of Bitcoin.

Those are all the information you need to find out how much you would pay him to buy one Bitcoin.

Back to the calculator, let’s say that 1 Bitcoin is equivalent $770 and your vendor exchanges 1 dollar worth of Bitcoin for 550 Naira.

Step 1: In the space given for you to enter the current value of 1 Bitcoin in Dollars, double click on the Dollar column and type in 770 as shown below.

Bitcoin CalculatorStep 2: Then, in the next column in which you’re required to enter the price your seller wants to sell a dollar worth of Bitcoin in Naira, just double click type in 550 as shown.

How to Calculate Bitcoin equivalent of dollar Step 3: The next column requires you to enter how many Bitcoin you intend to buy, just double click and type 1 as shown below.

Bitcoin Calculating SoftwareThen click anywhere on the calculator outside the columns you entered figures, the calculator will indicate the value of one Bitcoin both in Dollars and Naira in the Dollar and Naira column close to the Bitcoin amount you entered.

In this case, the value is N423,500.

You can do same for other values of Bitcoin.

How to Determine How Much Bitcoin your Money in Naira can Buy

Let’s say you want buy N200,000 worth of Bitcoin.

Repeat step 1&2 above.

Then, in the column where you are required to enter the amount in Naira you intend to buy Bitcoin with, just double click and enter 200000 as shown below.

Bitcoin Naira CalculatorClick anywhere else on the calculator and you should see the Bitcoin and dollar equivalent of N200,000.

In this case, N200,000 exchanges for 0.47226BTC or $363.64.

That’s exactly how easy it is to find the Naira or dollar equivalent of Bitcoin using this simple Bitcoin Calculator.

I hope this short tutorial helps you take control of your Bitcoin transactions.

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Good Luck!

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