Africa Investment Forum 2018: Transforming Africa’s Economic Landscape

Africa Investment Forum 2018

As part of its efforts to attract huge investment into Africa and close the continent’s huge infrastructure investment gap and by extension boost economic development in Africa and lift the bulk of Africans out of poverty, the African Development Bank in collaboration with its global partners (the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the International Finance Cooperation, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the Islamic Development Bank and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency) is holding Africa’s largest investment marketplace, the Africa Investment Forum 2018 in Guateng, South Africa.
The event which will hold from November 6-9, 2018 is expected to attract institutional investors, venture capitalists and Africans in the Diaspora to plug the over $107 billion investment gap in Africa.

The prospects are indeed high for investment inflow into Africa and most global investors are beginning to recognize this. For instance, the volume of Foreign Direct Investment in Africa in 2010 was $10 billion. However, as at 2017, the figure had moved up to over $60 billion. Nevertheless, what Africa needs is quantum growth in investment capital for long term infrastructure projects.

The purpose of the Africa Investment Forum 2018 is therefore to enable Africa leverage the huge global pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and other institutional investors (which will by 2020 sum up to over $111 trillion) to grow African economies where practical evidence indicate yield the most impressive return on investment (9.3%) among developing economies.

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The Africa Investment Forum 2018 is expected to open up Africa to global pension, sovereign wealth and insurance funds lying fallow looking for opportunities for investment. Most of these funds (some of which are ironically from Africa) are yielding negative return on investment in the global capital markets whereas if invested in bankable projects in Africa, these funds could turn out very impressive return on investment.

That’s what the Africa Investment Forum seeks to achieve: linking and attracting this huge global capital to need areas in Africa by ensuring that the regulatory and policy frameworks are those that are attractive to investors.

It is interesting to note that the 2018 Africa Investment Forum will not be a Forum for speeches. Rather, it will be a Forum strictly for transactions. In fact, it will be Transactions! Transactions!! Transactions!!!

Very importantly, to ensure that the Forum yields the desired results, the African Development Bank has put in place the Africa Investment Forum Tracker, a mechanism that will enable the Bank and its partners follow up on transactions made at the Forum.

How will the Africa Investment Forum 2018 Transform Africa?

1. It will provide a safe “landing strip” for meaningful investment necessary to revitalize the African economy and reposition it for competitiveness.
2. It will help to derisk the investment climate in Africa by providing guarantees for investment made in Africa.
3. By derisking investments, the Forum will give confidence to investors desirous of investing in Africa.
4. By driving inflow of investment into Africa, the Africa Investment Forum will provide funding to stimulate the growth of small and medium scale businesses.
5. By promoting entrepreneurship development in Africa through the attraction of funds for infrastructure development, the Forum will engender shared prosperity while lifting the bulk of Africans out of poverty.

The Africa Investment Forum 2018 promises to be a game changer and the springboard upon which Africa’s economic development will take off in earnest.

You can follow up on activities at the Africa Investment Forum 2018 through the Website or through the Website of the African Development Bank.

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