7 reasons why you need a mobile friendly business website

Mobile Friendly Business Website

Now you’re convinced that you definitely need a business website to promote your enterprise and make more sales.

What pops into your mind next is how such a website should be: what it should contain and the user experience that visitors to the site should get.

Quite obviously, what it should contain is nothing other than all the product, services and opportunities your enterprise offers as well as all the information necessary to convince the visitor that he/she just landed at the very best enterprise that can satisfy his/her needs.

What is also very critical is the user experience visitors should have while view your site. Needless to mention that if your site displays shabby looking images or fails to load images due to an unresponsive script, visitors will leave almost immediately leading to a high bounce rate.

This is similar to having a physical store in the marketplace, but visitors are finding it very difficult to checkout your product collections.

Your guess is as good as mine that they will check the next store.

Shoprite, Exclusive stores as well as other mega stores invest a lot in building easily accessible stores to afford customers maximum convenience while checking out and purchasing products.

So, how do you ensure that the user experience visitors have while going through your business website is a pleasant one? Simple! It is by making the website mobile friendly.

Here are 7 reasons why making your business website mobile friendly will lead to higher conversion of visitors to buying customers.

Over 90% of your potential visitors use mobile devices

Statistics from the International Telecommunication Union on the penetration of internet services and internet enabled devices in Africa indicates that while there is impressive growth in the number of people accessing the internet, over 90% of new users are accessing the internet through mobile devices like smart phones and tablets and less than 10% of internet users access the internet through laptop and desktop computers.

With this, it is obvious that over 90% of your website visitors will access your content using smart phones and tablets.

Therefore, if your website is not mobile friendly, or render poorly on mobile devices, you stand the chance of losing quite a huge number of people who would have accessed your website and probably made purchases.

You can take advantage of the Mobile-based marketing tools

A lot of social media marketing tools exist which you can integrate to your website to help you target the bulk of people using mobile devices.

Mobile applications such as WhatApp, IMO, Telegram etc. are tools through which people share contents they love with friends and colleagues.

If you don’t optimize your business website to allow for the seamless integration and use of these smart marketing tools, then you might lose tons of potential referrals that could have tremendously increased your sales.

Your website becomes truly ubiquitous (accessible everywhere)

If your business website is mobile friendly, it means it can be accessed even in remote areas where access to desktop or laptop computers is restricted.

As you already know, for a small business starting up, you need as much visibility as possible to be able to sell your products and expand.

You therefore cannot afford to limit your visibility by having a non-responsive website.

Your business website becomes a substitute for a mobile app

At start, you might not be able to pay for a developer to get you a mobile app for your business. A cheaper alternative to that is a mobile friendly website.

With a responsive website, just about anyone with internet access can have as great an experience on your website as someone accessing your site with a laptop computer.

Mobile friendliness enables shopping on the go

Consider a customer who visits your website using his laptop or desktop while in the office. But before he/she is done navigating through the different sections of the website, it’s closing time.

So he leaves the office, gets home and decides to continue from where he/she stopped.

However, on trying to access your site using his/her smart phone, the site renders so poorly making it very difficult to navigate through the pages.

Do you think the customer will stick to your site or visit other online shops that have similar products or offer similar services as you?

The question is a rhetorical one I suppose!

A responsive business website enables quick referrals

Businesses grow through referrals done by satisfied customers.

A smart way to position your business for customers to easily refer your business to others is by making your online presence a mobile friendly one.

Having a mobile friendly website enables customers who have had a wonderful experience at your store to share your business with others.

Increases prospect of social media marketing

Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are mostly accessed through mobile devices.

For you to be able to market your business using these platforms, you must get a responsive website.

That way, people who view your ads on the social media can click through and have a wonderful time looking through your products and services.

Consider a situation where you run ads on Facebook for your business. But when people click on your ad, it takes them to a website that looks shabby on mobile devices.

You have lost money here because whereas Facebook has charged you for a click on your ad, the potential customer has not viewed your products or services and taken the desired decision because the website isn’t rendering well.

There are a number of other reasons why you really need a mobile friendly business website. However, the above suffices to inform you that when considering creating a website for your business, you should go for one that is responsive and renders excellently across all devices.

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Good luck on your entrepreneurial journey!

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