7 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Needs A Business Website

Business Website
Business Website

It is common knowledge that the world has become a global village thanks to globalization made possible by advancements in Information and Communication Technology.

Consequently, establishing and growing a successful business today is far more challenging than before as competition in the marketplace is now of a global dimension.

Sadly, many entrepreneurs are yet to embrace this reality.

Many businesses are yet to understand the need to innovate ICT-enabled systems and tools to improve their competitiveness.

A business website which provides tremendous visibility and unlimited reach for businesses is still not considered as an important promotional tool by many entrepreneurs.

Therefore, in case you’re contemplating whether creating a website for your business is a worthy investment to make, here are 7 reasons why you need a business website.

Ubiquitous and Round-the-clock Brand Promotion

Unarguably, there is no known media tool that can afford such an avenue for unlimited brand promotion as a website.

It is similar to having a shop that can be easily visited by anyone on the planet. That’s like having a potential customer base of over 7billion people.

So, instead of spending a fortune hiring an advertisement agency to help you promote your business through expensive traditional methods such as TV, Radio, Billboard, which by the way, can take so limited a volume of promotional information about your business,

you might want to go the smarter way by creating a professional and responsive website that conveys all of your brand identity and experience to visitors.

Compare billboard promotion and website marketing like this:

Considering the billboard, according to studies, the average time a road user who is on the move has to look at your advert on the billboard is less than 3 seconds. This is way too short a time for them to get attracted to your brand.

A website on the other hand offers a ubiquitous and round-the-clock visibility for your brand.

Cost-effective Marketing of Global Reach

As much as globalization has made competition in the marketplace global, you must consider marketing your business and products to all prospective customers no matter their location on the globe.

If you don’t, you might end up being swallowed by the competition.

Having a website offers a cost-effective way of doing this. I once met with the CEO of a Nigerian company involved in agro-processing who lamented how much resources the company had sunk into marketing their products without commensurate results.

I advised her to invest in developing a website for her business which she did for a fraction of the amount she had committed to marketing her products through TV and radio adverts as well as billboards.

Two months after launching the website, she called to inform me of an offshore supply request she had received already.

Indeed Bill Gates was not kidding when he said “if your business is not on the internet, then your business will soon be out of business”.

Convenient Sales Platform

Gone are the days when people just wake up to go shopping. Nowadays, consumers prefer to surf the internet to find out the best offers for the products they intend to buy.

You’ll agree with me that today’s customers believe that it is more convenient to shop from the comfort of your room or office than to visit physical shops, as this not only ensures that you get the best prices as the next store is just a click away, but ensures that such products are delivered to you without lifting a finger.

This alone ensures that anyone irrespective of their location can buy any product of their choice from their preferred store.

If you as an entrepreneur think the same way your customers think about convenience in shopping, then you’ll know that you’re missing out on a ton of sales by not having a  business website.

Ease of Referral

People are more inclined to shop where their friends have shopped. Thus, referral is very essential for sales and promotion.

When a business has a website, it is very easy for customers to refer others especially their friends to the business.

That’s just as easy as sending the business’ website link to the prospective customer who can conveniently check out all that the business has to offer.

Having an easily accessible website where prospective customers can visit to learn all they need to know about your business is one of the most effective ways of winning more customers and closing more sales.

Enhancement of your Business’ Credibility

Whether you believe it or not, a lot of people regard businesses that are on the internet as more credible than those that are not.

The first impression people who are far off will have of your business is the experience they have on your business website.

By not having a website therefore, you give them the impression that you’re not serious about your business. Your prospective customers will be concerned about how they will be able to reach you to either buy your products or get assistance with using your products.

Besides, nowadays, people buy products or hire services based on reviews. If you don’t have a business website, it is impossible for prospective customers to get first-hand information on the user experience with your product or services.

So, if you want customers to highly regard your business going forward, give it that class by getting it a well-designed website.

Investment Attraction

Investments enable businesses to expand and be more competitive. Most investors nowadays are looking out for businesses that are sustainable and profitable in the long term.

The future is digital and investors know this even more than you do and that is why they believe that businesses that prioritize information technology innovation are those that are likely going to make it big in the long term.

Therefore, if you want to attract the attention of well-meaning investors, then you must consider creating a website for your business.

Besides, most investors are likely going to consult your website to see what you do and the prospects of your business in the long term.

How terrible will it be when they ask for the URL of your business website and are told that your business doesn’t have a website?

Dominance and Authority

A website is a platform that can enable your business to stamp authority in the marketplace through contents that appeal to the core needs of the customers.

Take an example of a business involved in the production and distribution of cosmetics. If the business could, through the blog posts on its website, educate people on skin conditions as well as proven remedies to such conditions, they are more likely it win over the trust and confidence of their visitors and convert sales more rapidly.

Create a website for your business and establish good authority within your niche through incisive and targeted blog posts and you’ll see customers flocking in your direction.

You Just Need a Business Website

There are very many more reasons why you should get your business a website. However, these are just to inform your decision on what should be paramount among your investment strategies going forward.

In case you need guidance on how to go about creating your business website, don’t hesitate to contact us on info@entrepreneurssquare.com or whatsapp +2348163052034.

If you find this post informative, please share with your friends and network so they too can learn.

Good luck!

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