Global Student Entrepreneur Award (GSEA) is the world’s premiere award for students who run companies and study at the same time. It is accepting entries for the 2016/2017 awards.

So, if you are a student currently that is enrolled and are demonstrating your entrepreneurial skills even while in school, then this award might interest you.

Competition Eligibility Criteria

  1. The student must be an undergraduate (bachelors) student at a recognized university or college for the current academic year and enrolled in school at the time of application.
  2. The student must be the owner, founder or controlling shareholder of their company and principally responsible for its operation.
  3. The business must be structured ‘for-profit’ and have generated US $500 or received US $1000 in investments at the time of application.
  4. The student’s company must have been in business for at least the past six consecutive months.
  5. The student must not have been the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards winner in the past and/or were not one of the top six finalists from the previous year’s GSEA Finals Competition.


Prizes are generally a combination of cash and business services, and will vary by location.

At the Global Finals, students compete for a prize package of US$20,000 in cash and a total value of over $40,000, which includes a travel/lodging expense paid trip to compete in GSEA Finals in Bangkok, Thailand.  Second place will receive US$10,000 and third place will receive US$5,000.

Additional awards are given at the Global Finals for Social Impact, Innovation, and Lessons from the Edge. 

How do the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards help student business owners?

  • Access to successful entrepreneurs. Feedback. Mentorship.
  • Refined elevator pitches. Going head to head with other business owners and answering tough questions about their business to our judges helps competitors improve their pitch skills and enhance their ability to communicate the value proposition of their business.
  • Expanded networks. Competitors will meet other student entrepreneurs from around the world, as well as Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) members and our honored guests.
  • Media Exposure. Competitors will receive local and national media attention for themselves and their business.
  • Did we mention PRIZES? The Global Finals competition awards US$20,000, plus donated business products and services, including Web services, printing, PR, consulting and more!
  • Students are scored by a panel of judges and receive numeric scores on the following criteria:


  • Part 1: Evaluate the Entrepreneur
Does the student demonstrate the tenacious spirit needed to succeed as an entrepreneur? Has he/she encountered challenges, overcome them, and learned from mistakes?
Is the student effectively integrating the two roles of life – as a student AND a business owner?
EO Core Value #1 – Boldly Go – Is the student taking smart risks and evolving to meet changing circumstances?


EO Core Value #2 – Thirst for Learning – Is the student seeking out expert advice and wisdom, and proactively growing their own knowledge? Are they naturally curious?


EO Core Value #3 – Make a Mark – Is the student innovating, planning for the future and distinguishing him/herself from the field? Is he/she taking a long view rather than just quick wins?


EO Core Value #4 – Trust and Respect – Does the student hold him/herself to a high standard of integrity in all aspects life and business? Does he/she strive to do the right thing even when it’s hard?


EO Core Value #5 – Cool – Does the student have a unique personal identity that he/she brings to the business? Is he/she living their values and writing their own story?


Total Score for the Entrepreneur
  • Part 2: Evaluate the Business
Has the student demonstrated a knowledge of strong business fundamentals and shown that they are in practice in the business? Has he/she provided information relating to the growth, revenue and profit of the business?
Has the student effectively communicated the business and its vision?


Does the business show strong potential for future growth?


Total Score for the Business


Please do APPLY NOW if you’re an undergraduate student or know of an undergraduate student honing his entrepreneurial skills while still in school.

And don’t forget to share so that other eligible candidates can get informed and apply too

For further information about the awards, here is the Main Award Website

Good luck as you apply!

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